Our creative team makes unique water installations for the modern interior according to the ‘water wall’ principle. The water installations are designed by artists taking into account the setting at which they will be arranged. The general visual concept of the installations is based on the following four key principles:

simplicity of form
play of colour
artistic texture
noiseless stream of water on the entire surface of the object

We create very spectacular water objects, having bright and saturated colours, meaning they harmoniously fit in the premise’s interior and become one of the central elements of the setting.

We have achieved an unusual effect of absorbability of the sculpture's external surface, due to water flowing down forming a very thin layer. The sculpture becomes brighter when its external layer absorbs water. After drying, the colour becomes less bright. We call this the “pebble effect”, as the same happens with pebbles on a beach when they dry.

Such water installation is a very spectacular item of the modern interior. Objects look massive and impressive, due to their size, shape and colour. They greatly invigorate the premises.

In addition to their high visual characteristics, our water objects increase comfort in the premise, due to the fact that they keep air humidity at the required level, which is needed for modern homes and offices. Air in the premise, where such a waterfall is placed, will be much cleaner, as it traps dust, bacteria and microorganisms, eliminates static electricity, reduces dryness of air and, consequently, dryness and irritation of respiratory tracts. Uniform moistening of air improves immunity, helps to retain skin’s natural humidity and improves well-being and sleep.